Santa Barbara Massage Testimonials

"I have had massages throughout my career, and Stephen's massage is the best I ever had! He has the feeling and the strength in his hands to feel what the muscles need. That is really important for me as an athlete. His massages helped me to recover after a hard day of training."

Thor Hushovd - God of Thunder
Professional Cyclist
Winner of 7 stages, Tour de France
UCI Road World Champion

World Champion Sprinter


"The key for me is staying healthy and loose so that I can be in the water or back in the hills when I need to.
When my back or hips lock up I need all the help I can get to free things up so that I can get back to it. Stephens work has helped to keep me moving."

Dan Malloy
Professional Surfer

"We first met Stephen in the early 90's when he was doing massages at Jane Fonda's Laurel Springs Retreat. We were initially given a gift certificate for massages, and from that day on "we were hooked." I had chronic back pain at that time, and Stephen helped reduce the pain tremendously. After Joe's grueling schedule of touring, Joe found Stephen's massage just what he needed to help relax and unwind from weeks on the road. I would without a doubt recommend Stephen's massage to anyone, and feel he truly has "magic hands"."

Joe & Pam Cocker


"I have known Stephen for over 15 years. During that time, not only has my entire body been refreshened, and rejuvenated, we have become friends. Stephen applies the perfect amount of pressure, and finds just the right spots, so that I can continue to travel the world, and play my music. Planes, trains, autos, or any given Sunday at Cold Spring Tavern, can be both exhilarating, and exhausting, but a quick visit to his lovely studio, and it all just goes away. Not only do I feel better physically, I feel much better mentally. I ALWAYS look forward to my visits with him!"

Kenny Sultan
Professional Musician
Martin Guitar Signature Artist and Designer
Author/ Writer/ Teacher


"I was a bit skeptical when a friend of a friend recommended Stephen as the best massage therapist in Santa Barbara. As a ballerina based in both New York and New Zealand, I am very picky about the therapy I get to combat aching muscles from dancing and traveling so much. After two shows of Giselle on tour with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, my body needed either a few days off or some excellent and strong therapy. Thanks to Stephen, I felt incredibly revived after just one hour of his skillful massage, and I really understood his tag line, "walk in and float out"!

Gillian Murphy
Principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre
Principal Guest Artist with Royal NZ Ballet

"I have had a massage almost every week of my life for the past twenty years. I have found that the more stress I have in my life, the more I need the healing touch of a professional. And when I forego a massage, I pay the consequences.

I found Stephen three years ago when I suffered a travel-related injury that left me unable to do the routine things of life. Immediately I was comfortable with Stephen, and he helped me tremendously. In a few days, I was better. Over and over again, he has been there for me. Stephen is the most talented and skilled massage therapist I have experienced over the last twenty years. His studio is a healing space, and Stephen is "simply the best."

Verta Taylor
Professor and Chair
Department of Sociology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA



Chaz Davies"After a tough race and travel schedule I started having issues with tension in my back. While heading to my next race in Laguna Seca I stopped in Santa Barbera and luckily found Stephen. He put me on the right track and targeted the areas that needed work, loosening of the tight muscles and helped me to achieve a podium finish the next weekend. I wish he could travel with me at all times!"

Chaz Davies
2011 World Champion Motorcycle racer for BMW



"Bliss for sale! Stephen's massages are nothing short of magnificent -- the cheapest trip to another world that I know of. Stephen is a virtuoso bodywork specialist who is absolutely living his calling. His hands felt like a natural extension of my own skin -- that's how transporting and close to oneness this experience was. Expert working of knotted and tight and neglected muscles.

The entire experience was wonderful -- charming, comfortable little cottage, decorated with peace in mind, pitch-perfect music, lovely scent in the air and Stephen himself, he of the virtuoso hands and delightful demeanor.

Finally, I had never received a professional massage from a man before and wasn't even sure whether that was done. Seeing some testimonials from women on his website, I decided to go with it and felt perfectly comfortable the entire time (I have now seen him 5 or so times - I made it a weekly practice). It has been such a gift to me to have met Stephen and experienced his truly inspired body work. Do something loving for yourself today too!"

Liz Stinson


"A massage is more than fingers kneading your back. It's a person who communicates through that kneading, that rubbing, that soothing. Stephen simply is the most soothing person I know. I'm not convinced he even needs to give the massage! Just a few words and stress tumbles, breathing slows, and the woes of the world pass far behind you."

Fred N. Davis III
Strategic Perception Inc.


"I injured my back a little over a year ago while on my second deployment to Iraq and was finally fed up with the pain. I found Stephen online, contacted him, and it was the greatest decision I could have made. I have now been going to him for about a month and the pain is almost gone. I went to different doctors and nothing helped but after going to Stephen I am finally getting better. Thank you Stephen."

Jay Duffy
United States Service Member


"I have been getting massages from Stephen now for over four years and I would highly recommend him. Stephen gave me massages through out my time playing water polo for Santa Barbara High and gives me massages every time I come home from playing Division I water polo at Princeton University. Shoulder injuries are a HUGE problem in my sport and I can happily say I have never had an issue in part because of Stephen's expert treatment. I have gotten to know Stephen very well over the years and he is a great Masseur and an even better friend."

Jeff Cole
First-Team All-Eastern Collegiate Water Polo Selection
First-Team All-Southern Division Collegiate Water Polo Selection
18U Junior Olympic Gold Medalist
First-Team High School All-America
CIF Division II MVP


"For twenty years Stephen has been my source for healing body work. I appreciate his strong hands, professional manner, consistent quality and friendship. My time with Stephen is like a 90 minute vacation each week."

Kenneth Slaught
President Investec Corp


"Stephen has been giving outstanding massages at The Santa Barbara Athletic Club for over 15 years. Our members really appreciate Stephen's professional level of massage therapy but even more important his kind and caring personality. We are very lucky to have Stephen as part of our team at the Club."

Eric Schmitz
General Manager
Santa Barbara Athletic Club


"I have been getting body work for over 20 years and have tried dozens of different masseurs. Stephen is the best! His deep body work is especially helpful for my low back issues, which are aggravated after strenuous physical activities. I am literally restored the day after he works on me. Stephen has also created a very comfortable and relaxing environment to do his work which helps you unwind mentally as well. In addition to his terrific body work Stephen is one of the most decent men I know."

Doug Wilson
Santa Barbara, CA


"Stephen's ability to treat my sport specific needs is unsurpassed in my 14 years of Olympic competition. He combines his superior hands with relaxing conversation in a mentally healing environment to provide the best massage"

Craig Buck
'84, '88 Olympic Gold Medalist


"With my grueling schedule of working and training it takes a toll on my body. After a massage with Stephen I am able to recover quickly and get back on track."

Mike Smith
U.S. National Champion Triathelete


"I have been seeing Stephen Fountain for healing massage work for some 20 years. He helped me thru 2 high risk pregnancies. I recommend him to all my Nesting123 clients for pre and post natal massage. Stephen's technique is an intoxicating blend of gentle but firm, soothing and releasing as he lovingly realigns your body. The perfect elixir to combat the stress of parenthood!"

Lisa Blades
Founder & President of Nesting123
Santa Barbara



Best Santa Barbara Massage

"I have had massages throughout my career, and Stephen's massage is the best I ever had!"

Thor Hushovd - God of Thunder
Professional Cyclist
9 Stage Tour de France Winner
UCI Road World Champion
World Champion Sprinter

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